Date Completed: 20012011

Budget: $5M

Client: Portage Resort Hotel

Role: Project Management and Quantity Surveying Services

Project Description: Various projects including alterations, additions & refurbishment of this luxury resort.

‘Martin Hay and the team from Hay & Associates have been involved for the past 10 years with the redevelopment of The Portage Resort Hotel.  This commenced with the major refurbishment of the main building of the resort under the guidance of New Zealand award winning architect Pete Bossley.  Hay & Associates were employed as Project Managers and continued in this role for the resort upgrades.  The initial project was very demanding.  It had a tight budget and a very tight timeline of 7 weeks from the day the hotel closed to re-open scheduled for the Friday of Labour Weekend 2001. In this time the building had to be stripped, rebuilt, painted, equipped and refurnished.  It was completed on time and on budget.  Subsequently Hay & Associates have been involved in a range of projects from staff quarters redevelopment, upgrades of café’s and stores and redevelopment of stairways and bathrooms.  All have been approached with a very genuine interest in what is best for the company, the hotel business and its strategic direction, so that we have felt a real sense of partnership in our ongoing relationship.’  Alison Evans